Sunday, May 07, 2006

Solar minimum

How to prove that Sun spins?
It is really simply.
Step 1: Look at the sun. You can use internet to look at the sun.
Step 2: Sketch the sunspots
Step 3: Do step 2 daily. After few days you will see that sunspots are moving. One complete turn sun perform every 27 days.

A picture of the sun taken Feb. 10, 2006, by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

This is how Galileo prove that sun spins in 1610.

In this time it is not possible to prove that sun spins! There are no sunspots. For almost entire February 2006 the sun was blank. If Galileo look at the sun now he would have been disappointed. There are no sunspots, no spin, no discovery.

What is all this? David Hathaway (NASA solar Physicist) explains: “solar minimum has arrived.”

Every 11 year sunspots came and go. This is sunspot cycle. At sunspots maximum there are spots big as Jupiter, and in sunspots minimum period there is no single spot.

This year is minimum so there are no sptos on sun.

No sunspots means low solar activity.

Galileo look at sin in 1610. and that year was close to to a maximum sunspot cycle. He was lucky. Also Chinese astronomers had reported spots on sun in 28 BC. The nature of spots in mystery. Maybe they are satellites, dark clouds or something else.

A sketch of the sun made by Galileo in June 1613.


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